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Elegant and energetic with just the right amount of guest interaction. Our DJ is always properly attired. Futuristic sound systems, featuring clear, vibrant sound without distortion or ear-shattering volume

 Family Reunions
Family reunions typically require a wide music selection. The whole music library gets brought to family reunions. We want to make sure that the youngest guest can dance to his or her favorite song as well as the eldest getting to hear a song that takes them back to a memory of years past and/or years to come. Special requests are encouraged to be made by the guests. Depending on the venue, lights can be provided and are always fun for the younger family members. We can help organize and MC special events during the reunion such as: games for the children, speeches, announcements, etc. Music at reunions can be all over the map but, we really try and find out which genres are the favorite of the family and expand from there.

Anniversaries are a very special event. We incorporate a lot of unique requests into an anniversary. Special announcements, song dedications, life stories, and guest speeches are handled with the up most importance. We talk to my clients and find out specific songs that mark a special time in the lives of the guests of honor. As well as finding out songs that are dear to the guests of honor and their friends and family. We try and tell the musical story of the special couple’s life together.Theme 
No theme is out of bounds. Halloween parties, Sock Hops, Disco Nights, 80’s Flashback are just a few of the theme parties we have done. It is paramount that the music selection fits the theme. We devote a lot of my time in preparation for theme parties. We compile many songs that fit into the theme as well as the song requests of our clients for that particular event. If it is a “dress up” theme, we have been known to dress up as well. Lighting can really help with particular themes too.

Sometimes you just need to party. At private parties we follow the instructions of our clients to the tee. If you are in need of just background music or if you are throwing a party for the whole block, we will make sure that music is just right. We can mix all music genres or specific ones. Lights can be fun at these events if the venue permits. Private parties are typically more intimate than others and we take that into account when planning out sound, lighting and song selection for theses events.

New Years
New years parties are just that…parties! It is non-stop from start to finish. Only the best in dance music makes my play-list. We feed off of the energy of the crowd as it gets closer to midnight. The music gets more intense as the crowd brings in the new-year. We have done many different styles of new-years parties: themes, masquerades, black tie, and others. The sentiment is always the same. Party!

Casino Party
Casino parties can be done at corporate events or private parties. We will provide themed music for you and your guests while you play your favorite casino games. Requests are encouraged and any special announcements can be done by us if needed. We also have experience providing entertainment at Legal Gaming Centers and Casinos. We have extensive experience in following these types of establishment’s rules, procedures and music formats. Appropriate music selections are made and lights can be provided upon request.

Dynamic party lighting; plain spaces become festive and fun with our light shows. An extensive and eclectic music library from popular to obscure. You’ll hear music you want to hear.Services
Our music library continues to grow on a monthly basis. We keep up to date hits and yesterdays favorites of any and all music formats. Whether you want a more refined affair, or one that is more high energy, we are known for creating fun and memorable events for all of our customers. It is what has made our guests refer us and continue to come back to us on a regular basis

At birthdays we bring a lot of music directly related to the client. Old or young, we cater our style to the guest of honor and his or her friends and family. Different themes are easily created with different music genres and lights if desired. Special dedications for the guest of honor are encouraged. We make the necessary announcements through out the event leading up to the formal presentation of the guest of honor. We have the traditional birthday song and are more than happy to play it but, we also have different versions and encourage our clients to get creative with a special song for the guest of honor. We like to make it a real celebration of life.​

Most Requested Package
All Packages Include
Professional sound system & music library
Consultations to coordinate your event
E-mail and phone correspondence to help you prepare
Music selection detailed to your preferences
Early arrival for set-up and sound check
Delivery, set-up and break-down of all equipment
On-line event planning tools

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1-5 hours of music
1-2 DJ / Emcee
Professional Sound System
Wireless microphone
Sound activated lighting systemBirthdays

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